How to know when you have a paid test to take

How to know when you have a paid test to take I'm not sure if I have received a paid test. How will I know? Shawna Moser

Any test that you've been notified is ready to take is going to be a paid test. You can find out if any tests are available to you quickly with a few different methods.

Method 1: Email Notification

Every time you have a new paid test available to take, you will receive an email with a link to begin taking the test straight from there.

Method 2: Dashboard

When you have a test available to take and you sign into Enroll, the box that usually contains Poll questions, will contain a link to the test that is available to you.

Method 3: The 'Tests' Tab

If you navigate to the 'Tests' tab, you will be able to see a quantitative status of the paid tests available for you. In this case, Terry has 1 paid test available to take. If you have 0 available to take, you will have an opportunity to take a sample test.

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The Enroll Team

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