New Feature: Reply

New Feature: Reply Give Brands additional responses to their questions. Bryan Zmijewski

We're excited to release our new feature called Reply!

If you get a Reply email in your inbox, a Brand is expressing interest in learning more about your survey-test answer. Receiving a Reply earns you a special badge and means that the brand reviewing answers was interested in your answer.

A Reply email will have the subject line, "Can we ask you another?" The email will look something like this:

  • You have 72 hours to respond to a Reply. After the allotted time, the opportunity goes away.

  • Each response to a Reply earns you $2 USD. You will receive a Lips badge for every response you give to a Reply.

How do you get a Brand to reply to you? Authentic answers get people wanting to learn more from you. Great answers:

  • Resonate with their project. Context is everything, and answers that stay on topic to the asked question is very valuable.

  • Thoughtful or provides a personal story. Your personal experiences are what will help brands in their product creation.

  • Make a great point. You may have an opposing or a strong point, we want to learn what you have to say.

We're looking forward to getting Brands using this new feature to interact with you.

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