Someone Liked My Response

Someone Liked My Response You got an email saying someone liked an answer you gave! Shawna Moser

Congratulations! Receiving an email saying that someone liked your answer is a great compliment. Receiving a “Like” earns you a special badge and means that the brand reviewing answers found yours very helpful or insightful.

The types of responses brands 💜!

  • Resonates with their project. Context is everything, and answers that stay on topic to the asked question is very valuable.

  • Thoughtful or provides a personal story. Your personal experiences are what will help brands in their product creation.

  • Makes a great point. You may have an opposing or a strong point, we want to learn what you have to say.

We’ll let you know by email each time a brand “Likes” your response and we’ll provide a monthly summary to you showing how many likes you’ve received. At this time receiving "Likes" does not include a monetary reward but we are anticipating being able to provide more testing opportunities in the future.

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