Stuck on sign up or agreeing to terms?

Stuck on sign up or agreeing to terms? I can't sign up because my email is invalid? I can't get past agree to terms and conditions page. P Paul Snider

We always want you to be able to sign up and have access to making the web a better place with Enroll. We now have some restrictions on emails that could interfere with your mission, but don't stress because we have the potential fix right here. We obviously don't allow email address's that aren't valid and don't work. We also don't allow disposable email domains.

Please check this list of disposable email domains and be aware you won't be able to sign up or agree to terms if you are using one of the providers on the above list.
If you are simply stuck on terms and conditions page, then please email support and we will work with you to find the best solution. Avoiding email providers on the above list should get you back on your way to crushing Tests and Poll Questions in Enroll.



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